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We run a variety of moving pack trips that are geared to sightseeing, photography, and horseback riding, with some stream and lake fishing.


Points of Interest:

Yellowstone Meadows, and the headwaters of the Yellowstone
Two Ocean Pass on the Continental Divide and the parting of the waters, with half flowing into the Atlantic, and half flowing into the Pacific North Fork Falls on the north fork of the Buffalo
Ferry Lake, Crater Lake, and the Big Springs in the Soda Fork of the Buffalo Pendergraft Peak, Upper and Lower Pendergraft Meadows, South Fork Falls on the South Fork of the Buffalo
Yes, all or part of this can greet you, depending on the length of trip and time of season!
These trips are scheduled during June...July...August. From a full week long to any length trip you desire. Actual trip itineraries vary with individual trips, depending on length of trip and time of season.

Packing Your Gear

Your gear and tackle should be packed in one or two duffel bags. Please do not pack in duffel bags over 36 inches in length. It's better to have two or three smaller duffel bags that are not ever 36 inches than to have a big one, with your sleeping bag rolled separate, also rods and waders separate from your duffel.Total bag weight should be 40lbs. or less.You should keep your rain gear, light coat & vest, camera, canteen, hat and riding gloves separate from your duffel.These can be placed in our saddle bags or tied to the saddle.

                                                                                                                             Suggested Gear          

Sleeping Bag with Air Mattress
Three changes of clothes
Swimming Trunks
Light coat and/or Vest
Heavy (warm) Coat
Riding gloves and Riding Boots
Hiking Boots
Rain Gear and Hat
Personal Items: towels
Toothpaste, soap, shampoo
Medication that you require
Flashlight with extra batteries
Camera and Film
Binoculars if you wish
A canteen
Sunscreen and a good supply of
Cutters Insect Repellent Spray

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