About Yellowstone Outfitters


Decades of Experience to Serve You in the Backcountry

Yellowstone Outfitters has led backcountry expeditions into the Teton Wilderness just outside Yellowstone National Park for 30 years. In that time, Lynn Madsen has developed a dedication to quality that filters into every aspect of your overall trip experience which has been passed down to his grandson, Brandon Kunz.

Character and professionalism underscore every experience you'll have with Yellowstone Outfitters to make each of your hunting pack trips, backcountry fly fishing adventures, trail rides, or sightseeing pack trips into incredible memories.

Expect the best trout fly fishing, elk hunting, and horseback riding experiences in Wyoming and guides you become long-term friends with.

A Multi-Generational Outfit

Yellowstone Horseback Riding Pack Trips

Lynn and Marcene Madsen

Generation 1

Lynn Madsen and his wife Marcene founded Yellowstone Outfitters. He has guided for 50 years in the Bridger-Teton National Forest and elsewhere and owned Hawks Rest Camp for 30 years.

His dedication to quality defines every trip taken by Yellowstone Outfitters. While Lynn says he's retired, you may still find him helping out at camp.


Kim, Chad, Renae & Candace

Generation 2

Lynn and Marcene have one son and three daughters that have all contributed to the outfitting way of life whether it be helping with the wagon train, leading trail rides or going into hunting/fishing camp. Even today, when they are busy with their families they still find a way to help out in some way. Now some of their children are starting to as well.

Lynn, Marcene and Chad currently own and operate Yellowstone Horse Rentals.


Yellowstone Horseback Riding Pack Trips

Brandon and Kendra Kunz

Generation 3

Lynn Madsen's grandson, and son to Renae, Brandon Kunz and his wife Kendra have taken over the outfitting business with the same dedication to quality Lynn instilled.

Brandon started riding to Hawks Rest and the Teton Wilderness when he was five years old, bringing a breadth of experience few can to outfitting. His wife, Kendra often surprises guests with her outdoorsmanship and versatility on the trail.

Most of Yellowstone Outiftters' horses and pack mules were born into the outfit. Or at least bought as colts and trained under the Outfit.

The animals are trained so well you'll happily entrust your life and equipment to them, no matter your riding style, age, or abilities.


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